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Manufacturer: California Sidecar
Kit Name: Ventura
Fits: Victory's Cross Country | Cross Roads | Cross Roads Classic LE | Hard Ball | Cross Country Tour
Suspension: Independent Rear Suspension (IRS)
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The VENTURA has captured Victory’s classic edgy style and incorporated its distinctive lines and feel into a truly complementary custom look that begs to be ridden. The VENTURA challenges all other touring trikes with our industry leading independent suspension, a 6.1 cu. ft. trunk that almost doubles our competitors and styling that is sure to draw a crowd of admirers everywhere it goes.

The all new Ventura Kit fits Victory’s Cross Country, Cross Roads, Cross Roads Classic LE, Hard Ball, and the Cross Country Tour models. Current Options Available:

 Custom LED taillights

 Matching light bar

 8 degree Power Trak

 Ground Effects

 17″ matching wheels

 Choice of 5 wheel designs/finishes

 Performance brakes

 Custom designed Tour Box

 Stone Guard Paint Protection Kit

 Ground Effects

 Luggage Rack – choice of two styles

 Electronic Radio Antenna (required if Victory has factory antenna)

 ABS Integration (in development)


Rated Load Capacity 650 lbs    (294.84 kg)
Total Weight with Tour Box and Front Fairing 1202 lbs  (545.22 kg)
Wheels and Tires CSC’s standard wheels available plus a 17×7 aluminum wheel with a 215-45R17 all season tire.
Wheel Base without Power Trak 73.4 in    (186.44 cm)
Wheel Base with Power Trak (8*) 75.9 in    (192.79 cm)
Overall Length – No Power Trak 109.8 in  (278.89 cm)
Overall Length – Power Trak and Light Bar 113.0 in  (287.02 cm)
Trike Width with Chrome Wheel Well Trim 61.0 in    (154.94 cm)
Ground Clearance 4.5 in      (11.43 cm)
Track 47.875 in (121.61 cm)
Turning Radius with Power Trak 8.4 ft       (2.56 m)
Trunk Storage Capacity 6.2 cu ft

Mystery Design


Mystery Designs is the home of the Tiltster tilting mechanism, the world’s first “tilting” Independent Suspension Kit for motorcycles. The Tiltster is an upgrade option for our independent suspension which allows the trike to Tilt into and out of the corners automatically. This option can be added in the future or to start.

Mystery Designs Independent Suspension and Fixed axle Trike Conversion Kits are compatible with ALL belt or chain driven motorcyles. The kits work well with the larger bikes such as, any 1984 and up Harley Davidson, Yamaha Roadstar, Roadliner and Stratoliner, or 1988 and up Honda Valkyrie, Goldwing or VTX. Our trike kits can be easily adapted to fit all belt or chain driven motorcycles as long as the bike has enough power to pull the kit. The ISS is best suited for a 1000cc or greater motorcycle and the Fixed axle is best suited for a 750cc or greater motorcycle.

Dividers-2Independent Suspension System

The engineers at Mystery Designs developed a suspension system with the help of a NASCAR engineer that specifically addresses correct roll-centers for high speed cornering. This has enabled us to produce an independent suspension system that rides softly and corners aggressively without lifting the inside tire. Our independent suspension system was built and designed for enhanced performance and greatly improved handling. Our suspension systems will revolutionize the perception of trikes as being cumbersome, awkward, and even dangerous. No Modification to your motorcycle frame needed, swingarm will be the only part modified. The fixed axle is also available with outboard brakes (not pictured). Durable, strong and simple for the street rodder or the economy triker.


ISS Kits Standard Features:

  • 4 Progressive Suspension shocks
  • 4 Piston Wilwood brake calipers
  • 13″ x 3/8″ thick brake rotor
  • Mounting brackets
  • Made from 356T6, 6061 aluminum and 1018 steel with grade 8 bolts
  • Multiple hub bolt patterns
  • Available in chrome & polished, bare metal & polished or bare metal & plain
  • Tilt option can be added later
  • Use stock belt and pulley
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Dividers-2Fixed Axle Suspension

Starting at $3200, the Fixed axle will convert any belt or chain driven motorcycle into a trike in hours. The 41″ fixed axle provides a more stable ride fopr most applications. The 33″ fixed axle is less expensive but generally requires wide tires with “deep dish” or reverse offset wheels to maintain stability. Our Fixed Axle has the same center section as the independent suspension so it can be converted into an independent suspension later down the road. The system will use the stock chain and sprocket or belt and pulley. It uses the same 4 piston Wilwood brake and 13” rotor, the largest in the trike industry.


33″ Fixed Axle


41″ Fixed Axle

Fixed Axle Kits Standard Features:

  • 4 Piston Wilwood brake calipers
  • 13″ x 3/8″ thick brake rotor
  • Made from 6061 bilet aluminum and steel with grade 8 bolts
  • Available in chrome & polished or bare metal & machine finish
  • Use stock shocks, belt and pulley
  • Limited lifetime warranty


The Tiltster by Mystery Designs is the world’s first Trike Kit that “tilts” into turns like bikes do! When this optional “tilting mechanism” is added, it allows for a new level of stability in handling and the thrill of riding a bike. The Tiltster aids in the steering of a trike by breaking the steering similar to a motorcycle, which will practically eliminate having to steer the trike into the corner. It will automatically lean into the corner with our revolutionary automated control system.

This optional Tilting Mechanism can be added to ANY of our independent suspension systems at any point. The Tiltster will work on all of our custom trikes and almost ANY other motorcycle the suspension will work on. Call today to add this feature to your bike.


American Trikes

Trotta Trike

Fulfill your dreams with the American Trike Conversion Kit.
With over 10 years experience and the most innovative trike conversion on the market, our system is designed to fit any motorcycle from extreme custom to any production model, thanks to NASCAR software, laser cutting, and high-end CNC machining for the perfect fit.

Design and Parts

Centering is the key to a smooth ride, after retrofitting or custom making a swing arm we then build a billet center section with gearing that far exceeds the need to power any bike keeping it centered to the swing arm with no pull left or right, no spacers, no shim, no problems.

The upper and lower arms are airplane grade aluminum alloy. The bearing holders are billet. The side plates are 3/8 thick steel laser cut with the shock towers for accuracy with racing holes and a rear brake pocket that keeps the Wilwood brake vertical for easy bleeding along with a wavy rotor adds to the look.

The axles are custom made car grade. We offer any bolt pattern from the widest car tire to the biggest motorcycle tire. Progressive adjustable coil/over or air shocks make for a smooth ride. The unit is topped off with an anti-sway bar and stainless steel bolts through out. Own the dream this unit is simply the best independent suspension system offered for the money.

Conversion Kits

American Trike has the kit to turn your bike into a trike regardless of make, model or year. We deliver in short time not weeks or months. We offer powder coating and chrome finishing.

Fender Kits

We offer several different types of fenders from car to motorcycle. Each set has its own custom look. The fender kit includes one set of fenders, one set of laser cut fender brackets.

Body Kits

We offer several different body styles each has a spacious trunk, all come gel coated and include lights, hinges and mounting brackets. 

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